The stories we tell are essential ingredients amounting to the world we live in, and the other way round.

Our past's present indications on a future, and our future's present revelations of the past. 

What is needed is a harmony of conduct and action, purported values and upheld beliefs, with defined intentions and expectations in our pursuit.

The change will not take place on the stages. It will take place in the process.

Our Why has guided a revolution of the process in terms of Who, What, When, Where, and even How.

This is the revolution of process as a means of expressing our Why.

Over time, the revolution of process has become our Why.

Our Why is the revolution of process.

What used to guide, now (perhaps more than then) guided by, the Who, What, When, Where, and even How.

Our Why, contained within,  dictated by, process, then reaching no further than the confines of production at process's end.

How to reignite the imaginations of those in the streets! (the hills, the farms, factories, and seasides!)

Some other quality.

In search, in process, before the stage.

May a new search lead to new findings.