IN DEVELOPMENT: Onions Make Us Cry


By Zainabu Jallo

  Malinda Jandayi has murdered her husband.  She doesn't deny it.  The question is Why?  

She hasn't spoken for sixteen days, but that's all about to change.  

  When a young psychiatrist, Lola Gambari, is sent in to examine the intent of the action in question, she will unlock this “mute mode” of Malinda's self-imposed silence, and spiral deep into a tale of love, strength, fury, madness, and mercy, as she uncovers the roots and rotted fruits of cyclical violence, and enters the heart of the union of woman and man. 

Onions Make Us Cry is a bold and ambitious undertaking, on the page, and on the stage.  I am honored to join Zainabu Jallo, a celebrated new voice in African storytelling, and Ishyo Arts Centre, one of the foremost cultural organizations in Rwanda today, in this opportunity to tell a story enormous in its intensity, promise, and relevance to the far-reaching conversation it seeks to have with men, women, and youth around the world.