Why Art/Now


Why Art/Now is a workshop I've formed, for actors and non-actors, which focuses on the use of theatre as a lens through which we might seek perspective in the world around, specifically aimed at social and humanistic concerns. We might call it "theatre as the dissemination of empathy."


Influenced by ancient theatre's practice in building carthartic confrontation to trauma, and loss, and drawing on contemporary documentary theatre, we use various media to inspire improvisations, games, and forms that play with context, prejudice, and misinformation that oftentimes we are unaware, or are unwilling to admit, reside within ourselves. 


The question of "WHY" is a central theme. We are encouraged to examine our own personal "WHY". The workshop is meant to examine points on a local, national, and international scale. We have taken this workshop to the Americas, Europe, and Asia, always with fascinating results and enthusiastic engagement.

Photos by Antonello Origa

Featured Players:

Valentina Sulas

Fabrizio Murgia

Massimo Melis

Raffaele Chessa

Rita Ferruzi

Teatro del Sale e Aurora Simeone presenta:

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