"Sulla Luce Invisibile"

L'Accademia nazionale d'arte drammatica "Silvio D'Amico"

by Giovanni Greco, Jared McNeill

Found with an international group of students from Italy, Germany, and Korea.

 What is the essential nature of theatre, and how is it tied to the essential nature of being?  

In his “Choruses from 'The Rock'”, T.S. Eliot speaks of “The visible reminder of Invisible Light.” 

Perhaps theatre can be this.   

Through Eliot's words, as well as through various exercises and improvisations, we seek to open the field of imagination that ties form, practice, and modern relevance, to that Invisible World, where moments seem to take us, to transcend our intellectual understandings. 

We ask "why", and "how", we must be engaged, not only in the work that we do, but also the world that we live in. 

We examine theatre as communal passage, its foundations in storytelling and ritual, as well as ancient reverberations of the language of gesture, and monument. 

We discuss the differences between Reality, and Truth.

Finally, we seek to approach these questions in ways that maintain the concept of theatre as “invitation”, something which must persistently avoid the hazards of pretension and exclusivity that often plague, and distract from, our search for the “Invisible”.