Love and Life

Video and Music by Jared McNeill

Love & Life è un’iniziativa che ha come obiettivo la promozione di una sessualità informata, serena e partecipata. Attraverso un’esperienza di crescita personale in gruppo e avvalendosi di strumenti di psicoterapia i partecipanti hanno preso consapevolezza della propria vita sessuale.

Rubric (Teaser)


Hayley Carmichael,

Kathryn Hunter

Writer/Dir: Jared McNeill

A woman wakes in a locked room, accompanied by a stranger. The stranger holds keys, and more than a few secrets of her own.  Time is running out, as a nightmare unfolds, and a truth is revealed.

ha·bit·u·é (Teaser)

With Marcello Magni

Writer/Dir. Jared McNeill

A mysterious stranger enters into a series of strange encounters over some days and nights in Paris, seeking friendship and familiarity in whatever ways he can.

Marion Knapp Doesn't Smile


Thomas Ryan, Ron Barba, 

Santino Fontana, William Nadylam, 

Katie Lawson

Marion Knapp, a comedian nearing the end of his  life, finds a chance at redemption when he's offered a fortune to speak  at the funeral of a mysterious benefactor.

Writer: Jared McNeil

Director: Jared McNeill, Tony Casorio

Funny, But Dumb

This was sort of our first short film, so it deserves a place as much as the last. 

Years ago, I had the experience of going to a casting for something like "Hood #3" and everyone was told, "We don't want to meet the actor, just the character." So this was based on that experience in more ways than you might think. 

"Rikki" by Blende

Unofficial music video for "Rikki" by Blende

P.A. / Editor Jared McNeill